What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the browser on your computer at the request of websites.

What types of cookies are there?

  • Persistent cookies

    This type of cookies remains in your computer for a variable amount of time, allowing the website to recognize you and use your information whenever you enter the website.

  • Session cookies

    This type of cookies is stored in your computer only temporarily. The cookies are deleted as soon as the website is closed.

How can the cookies be classified?

  • Essential cookies

    These cookies are absolutely necessary when using the website. They are typically used to store access information to private pages.

  • Analytical cookies

    These cookies store information regarding the use of the website. For example, they store the most visited pages and most searched words. That information can then be used to improve features and increase the website's performance.

  • Functionality cookies

    These cookies store the user's preferences in terms of the website. This allows the website to adapt itself to the user without the user having to configure everything all over again.

  • Third party cookies

    These cookies store information related to third party advertising. They are used to gain control over what should be displayed in terms of third party advertising.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are used to store relevant information, such as language, session data, user preferences, etc. Those files are personal, which means they are only available to the website and to a single user. Cookies are used not only in computers but also in any type of device that allows access to the website, such as smartphones and tablets. The use of cookies is in no way harmful to the devices where the cookies are stored.

What cookies do we use?

ETER9 uses essential cookies. Without them, users wouldn't be able to use the website properly. The cookies are intended to improve the browsing experience of the users and they only store session information related to each user.

How can cookies be configured in the browser?

The more recent browsers allow you to choose whether you wish to accept or decline the use of cookies. The way to access those settings varies depending on the browser, so we suggest you visit the help page for your browser.